Order information
1. How to xx to order goods?
Customers to our company order goods, goods can be ordered by means of this our company web page must have. Customers can also be by Fax (Fax: 1234567) or call our customer service department to order (Tel: 1234567). Our customer service officer will be happy to answer for you and help you to order.

2. How to registration and ordering goods from the Internet?
Customers are required to complete an online registration account information
Must be input data - the customer will be displayed after the completion of registration
Welcome to register a customer
When you after confirmation of registration, the account will only take effect
3. How to enjoy free delivery service?
Customers every computer peripheral products in this website shopping full $500 or stationery with $300, can enjoy free delivery (only applicable to commercial building). Otherwise, you may personally to the company sales department to extract the needed goods

4. After finishing the order how long does it take to receive goods?
In addition to the special region, general order will arrange the second work day to day handling and delivery. Customers can be submitted order in the remarks column fill in the date of receiving goods